To provide finest quality products to our clients is our first and the foremost priority. Our team of qualified members is always on top of the production line to achieve the desired outcome.



Time bound deliveries and safe packaging to maintain an uninterrupted business. Collaboration with top class agencies of logistics and packaging to provide world class service to our valuable clients.



Competitive rates to sell your products with confidence even to the bigger buyers where level of margin is the deciding factor. We compare our rates to the world’s major markets of porcelain tiles and then prepare our rates accordingly.

About Wallcano Tiles

Wallcano tiles is one of the leading porcelain tile Importers and Distributors in the UK.

We have our own QC team and our products go through various stages of quality checks before it reaches to our dealer and end-users.

Wallcano tiles is always keen to provide the latest designs and finishes to its dealers by working with the major manufacturers of the world and leading designers of the industry.
Safe, sound and secure delivery of the products is one of the areas where Wallcano tiles put all its experience and resources into action. We have specialized pallets made and designed for European countries and trusted delivery services to ensure the smooth, secure and timely delivery of goods.

Wallcano tiles offer multiple order quantity selection to their clients – you can order starting from a room quantity to a full container load quantity.

Ordering a full container load is advisable as it is very easy and cost-effective with Wallcano tiles. You just select any design from our website and order your free sample. Once you finalize, the rest is for us. We will deliver your order to the place you want. You don’t need to worry about all the headaches of custom clearance and getting your products ready at the manufacturing unit. You just ease as the dedicated team of Wallcano tiles will be looking after each and every move connected with your order.

Wallcano tiles can be your one-stop solution to buy good quality porcelain tiles and other building materials of any quantity with reliability.

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Our polished ranges with a beautiful shiny finish bring light to your space with their reflective surfaces. Polished porcelain tiles are made by polishing the surface of the tile with a diamond disk. Microscopic pores are made on the surface of the tile during the grinding process which is pre-sealed by the glossy finish. Polished glazed tiles are generally used on internal and external walls, floor areas, backsplashes, and so on.


Matt finish tiles are slip-resistant, unlike gloss-finish tiles. These tiles are low on maintenance. Also, the non-reflective surface of matte-finish tiles is good at concealing stains, smudges, and dirt. Perfect for any area but typically used on floors where there could be any water hazard such as the bathroom and kitchen.


Carving effect ranges offer a beautiful effect on your chosen space. The carving finish provides an engraved effect on the veins of the marble. This effect gives the tile a more natural look and also provides some extra grip while walking on the surface. With an engraved and often metallic vein, these tiles come to life under the light as their veins glisten and shine.


20mm color body tiles with R11 roughness make these tiles non-slippery and suitable for all weather conditions.


Sugar finish tiles come with a grainy finish that is applied through a unique manufacturing process. As the name suggests this finish looks like a fine smooth coating of sugar granules on the surface. The beauty of the sugar finish tiles is enhanced under the effects of lights. As each sugar granule will reflect the light and provides a sparkling effect. These tiles also offer the safety of a nonslip matte tile.


High gloss tiles offer a reflective mirror-like finish and allow light to bounce around the room. They open up smaller spaces and trick the eye into making small rooms appear larger than they actually are. As a result, glossy tiles are an excellent choice for bathrooms, box rooms, or for tight areas within larger spaces. A high gloss finish also offers darker color shades in tiles. So, for those who want to go for something unique to décor their space, high gloss could be their best choice.

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