Order Container load

Order a full container load material is as easy as ordering a few boxes from the Wallcano tiles warehouse. You just have to select the design from our export special website WWW.TOPNOTCHTILES.COM and pdfs. We can provide you the free samples in case if you need them and that is it, you are all set to place the order.

All the procedures of customs clearance and delivery of your materials at the destination will be handled by the experienced and dedicated team of Wallcano tiles.

There are plenty of benefits to ordering a full container load material. First and foremost is cost-effectiveness. You can save much more on the product purchase and transportation cost when you purchase in container load quantity.

A full container can load up to 25 tonnes of material and that is approximately 1200 square meter material of porcelain tiles. You can also mix the random designs and sizes in one container as per your requirements.

As an importer, we have been working with major manufacturers of porcelain and ceramic tiles for the last 12 years. And we can provide you the tiles of all sizes and finishes.

Try Wallcano for a full container load and we promise you smooth and hassle-free service of international standards.